To Being


Julian and Jeanine. To Being at Judson Church, May 2015. Photo: Ian Douglas

“It is like watching a trapped animal struggle, the sheer force of that nonverbal holding-on. I can’t tell the direction of the energy—whether she is taking or giving. I try to offer her some of mine so she can keep going, but I don’t know if she wants it. In that moment, I experience being as an active state. Finally, after years of graduate-school discussions that yielded only vague explanations, I understand the meaning of ontology.” – Jamie Shearn Coan, The Brooklyn Rail
“How will they get themselves out of this? I kept wondering that … and not because I wanted it to end. This marathon of a dance enmeshes the dancers so wholly in doing, doing, doing that you can’t imagine them being done. It’s like watching people live, right in the thick of passing time.” –
“Their dance appears to obliterate thought.” – Rennie McDougal, Culturebot

To Being premiered at The Chocolate Factory Theater, NYC, September 2015.

To Being is a choreography of persistence in the heart of jeopardy and precarity: the body continues in ongoing change, relations transform, meanings proliferate and fade.

A companion work to Durning’s acclaimed solo performance practice, inging, To Being is based on the decidedly chosen practice of nonstopping — always moving absent destination— always becoming, never arriving.

A psychosocial experiment, To Being opens to a landscape where radically divergent desires converge and empathy unfolds.

To Being is dance as both ontological inquiry and homage, a force against the absolute, the nameable.

To Being is a composition of endurance, a sonata of devotion.

To Being is an unending search for an imperative relationship to movement in which dichotomies between self and other, material and immaterial, thought and action, incessantly dissolve.

But more than anything else, To Being asks: What’s at stake? Where’s the end? How can we give more when all we feel is that we’ve met our limit?

Created by Jeanine Durning with Julian Barnett and Molly Poerstel. Directed by Jeanine Durning. Performed by Julian Barnett, Jeanine Durning, and Molly Poerstel. Sound by Tian Rotteveel. Lighting by Joe Levasseur.

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I would like to humbly thank the following people who have supported To Being through their generous donations: Alma Soderberg . David Ravel . Donnell Oakley . Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects . Alana Elmer . Ben Pryor . Neil Greenberg . Anna Sperber . Mina Nishimura . Jaime McCauley . Alice Reagan . Hope Mohr Dance . Jodi Bender . Sondra Graff . Netta Yerushalmy . Malin Stahl . Amy Chavasse . Anneke Hansen . Michelle Boule . Ale Cohen . Larissa Valez-Jackson . Sara Keeler . Kathleen Kelley . Jeff Jackson . Kaela Lee . Michael J Seidlinger . Paul Singh . David Lantelme . Fritz Welch . Jeff Lease . Yanira Castro . Matthew Pokoik . Ame Henderson . Ivy Baldwin . Andrea Johnston . Karen Sherman . Pamela Pietro . Priscilla Holbrook . Deborah Hay . Rebecca Brooks . Andrius Mulokas . Daniel Sullivan . Lily Bo . Igor Dobričić . Joanna Kotze . Rachel Lozoff . Sher Doruff . Peggy Cheng . Tomislav Feller . Andee Scott . Julie Mayo . Jean Vitrano . Christine Elmo . Ros Warby . Tamara Ober . Edward Rathke . Joana Von Mayer Trindade . Kristina Kozak . Jennifer Bassage Bonfil . Miguel Gutierrez . Rebecca Wender . K.J. Holmes . Alexandra Beller . Taka Yamamoto . Jee-Ae Lim . Kay Ottinger . Sarah Baumert . Margaret Teran . Joanna Furnans . Sara Nash . Gwen Welliver . Milka Djordjevich . RoseAnne Spradlin . Tess Dworman . Ryan Stover . David Thompson . Nikki Zialcita . Heather Olson . Pareena Lim . Sara Coffey . Ori Flomin . Harry Stahl . Sara Hook . Chris Schlichting . Julia Vickers . Enrico D Wey . SolidPixels, INC. Gold Front . Clodagh Bowyer . Christina Broom . Lito Walkey and Boris Hauf . Marsha Malamet . James Turnbull . Janice Lee . Christine Suarez . Snorri Sturluson . Barbara Browning . Melanie Rios Glaser . Mollie O’Brien . Leah Shapiro . Donna Uchizono . Bessie McDonough-Thayer . Christopher House . Jillian Sweeney . Levi Gonzalez . Jessie Zaritt . Seb Doubinsky . Lisa Densem . Gabrielle Revlock . Tayrn Griggs . Anonymous . Sean Madigan Hoen . Hadar Ahuvia . Kathy Westwater . Lucy Gianino . Linda Sastradipradja . Vicky Shick . Lydia Chrisman . Daniel Kok . Randal Fippinger . Yanghee Lee . Emily Watts. Samuel Sattin . Amanda Ringger . Sean H Doyle . Matthew Bialer . Laura Jean Moore



Jeanine, Tian, Molly, and Julian (behind camera) at Gibney Dance’s Dance in Process Residency. July 2015.

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