This Shape, We Are In

commissioned by Toronto Dance Theatre, made for and with Valerie Calam, Alana Elmer, Mairi Grieg, Megumi Kokuba, Pulga Muchochoma, Erin Poole, Roberto Soria, and including Justin de Luna and David Norsworthy in the 2016 original cast.

Dora-Nominated for Outstanding Performance of an Ensemble

This Shape, We Are In translates into a dance that is edgy, unpredictable and so alive and immediate that it is hard as an observer not to be drawn in. You simply can’t tell what might happen next.”
Michael Crabb, The Star
“Attention is key – the attention they pay to the task at hand, to each other, to their space. The subtleties of this attention demand our own attention as audience … the room feels charged with a live-wired alertness.”
Martha Schabas, The Globe and Mail
All photos by Omer Yuseker